Previous Baronius Lectures

BaroniusSome of the recent Baronius lecturers and their topics have included:


2014: Rev. Richard G. Smith, Ph.D., patristics scholar, The Catholic Church of the Poor: Who Says So? Listening to the Voices of the Early Church and the Voice of Pope Francis: An Exercise in Continuity

2013: David Gibson, journalist and papal biographer: Looking Back at Benedict—Looking Forward to Francis: Papal Transitions and Predictions

2012: Bede Bidlack, professor of theology at St Anselm’s College (NH): Revisiting The Thought and Wisdom of Teilhard de Chardin

2011: Dr. David Campbell, professor of sociology at The University of Notre Dame: Young Americans: Losing Their Religion

2009: Alfonse Borysewicz, Brooklyn artist and Oratory parishioner: Can You Be a Contemporary Artist and a Practicing Catholic?