Creation of Brooklyn Oratory

Established 1988, Brooklyn, New York

Established by Blessed Pope John Paul II in 1988, the Brooklyn Oratory is a foundation in the tradition of St. Philip Neri who began the first Oratory (the Chiesa Nuova) in Rome in 1575. The priests and brothers of the Oratory live a common life but without vows. As St. Philip said, our only tie is the “bond of charity” as we strive to live a Christian life rooted in common prayer, the celebration of the Mass and the performance of good works.

As St. Philip felt called by the Lord to evangelize the city of Rome in the sixteenth century, we, the members of the Brooklyn Oratory, strive to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our own city. The special charism of St. Philip was that of joy. Because of this, he spent his whole life helping all who came to the Oratory to find joy in their particular vocation as a Christian (ordained or lay) and in the conduct of their daily life as they sought to live a holy life.

We at the Brooklyn Oratory work to create a joyful spirit in all our apostolates. We all also strive to create beautiful, prayerful liturgies, especially with the use of excellent liturgical music which makes use of the full complement of the Catholic musical tradition including compositions that go back to the time of St. Philip.